Redisgned fixture for use in multiple machines
Redesigned fixture for use in multiple machines.Custom heat sealing machine with
electric and pneumatic controls.
Workstation redesigned for multiple assemblies and testingRedesigned tooling for quick change feature
Workstation redesigned for multiple assemblies and testing.Redesigned tooling for quick change feature.
Reverse engineered machineCalibration machine with date engraver
Reverse engineered complete machine and tested to meet customer requirements.Concept to completion.
Provide calibration machine with date engraver.
Servo controls using solid modelingHydraulic control system
Re-engineer machine with servo controls using solid modeling.Provide drawing for hydraulic control system.
Exploding drawing viewMeat tenderizing conveyor
Design and provide exploding drawing view.Concept to completion meat tenderizing conveyor.
Tray pick and place machineIndexing conveyer load station
Tray pick and place/machine loader automation equipment.Indexing conveyer load station.
Assembly and Test machine automationCooling box's
Concept to completion assembly and test machine automation.Concept to completion cooling box's.
Paper handlingAutomated Assembly Machine
Paper handling.Automated assembly machine.